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ULTRAPOINT® hooks from Mustad have been a great success in the jig and lure fishing arena for several years, thanks to the incredible longevity of the hook points.  The three stage grinding technology produces an incredibly sharp needle point resulting in more of the metal remaining on the point.  This process gives you a point that won't roll or lose that sticky sharpness for longer.

​Whether you're searching for bass fishing tackle or saltwater fishing tackle, C&B Custom Jigs has plenty to choose from.  We offer our Ultra Point Jig Heads in sizes from ⅛oz up to 2oz with hooks ranging in size from #1 to 7/0. New ULTRAPOINT® hook styles will be available in the near future.  Our current selections include a 2X Strong, Forged, Black Nickel hook in sizes #1 to 4/0 and a Forged, Black Nickel, Wide Gap hook in sizes 1/0 to 7/0.  We currently have over 20 head styles to choose from, available either painted or unpainted, including stand up heads, sparkie heads, bullet heads, squid heads, and more.  Although some heads only have one hook choice,  most have several hooks to choose from.  You get to pick which hook you want in your Ultra Point Jig Head.

2/0 Wide Gap Ultra Point ¼oz head

2/0 Wide Gap Ultra Point ¼oz head

3/0 Wide Gap Ultra Point  ​¾oz head

Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Tackle   Ultra Point Jig Heads