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Capt. Joshua Taylor (Salty Scales)

Capt. Joshua Taylor grew up fishing the Tampa Bay and surrounding waters. While most children his age were playing video games, Joshua was studying the many different species of fish that inhabit the bay. He inspired to be a captain and to make an influential impact in a sport that he is so very passionate about. In 2013, Joshua obtained his Captain’s license in addition to starting his own business. The business Joshua created also centers around his passion for fishing. His company, ‘Salty Scales’ is an American apparel company that strives to be the best. The idea for Salty Scales was to design something truly unique but also maintain focus on performance and comfort. He was extremely adamant about keeping the manufacturing within the states, which is one thing that sets this company apart. Another awesome feature that sets ‘Salty Scales’ apart from the competition is the unique scale armor design. Not only are these American made products SPF 50, they also utilize dye sublimation, are custom cut and sewn, and all garments feature Pure-tech moisture wicking technology to help keep you dry and cool on those warm days. Joshua strives to be an innovator and has big plans in store to help mold the outdoor apparel market.